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Adding another a room to your home, can be extremely rewarding as it will increase the space in your property. Whether you need an additional bedroom for a child or a new dining room, adding an adjoining room to your home is often a lot less expensive than moving to a completely new property.

Indeed, adding an extra room will undoubtedly increase the price of your property and also puts you in the driving seat in terms of how you want the room to look. If you want a particular shape, style or décor of room, you can specify exactly how the room will look, because you are building it from new.

Home extensions will require major building work to your property, and you may be worried about designs and planning permissions. However, London Builders Construction is here to guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you will be free to enjoy your new room in no time at all.




We construct all types of home extensions including: 


Multi Floor extensions


The major work involved in building this type of extension means it is only possible on semi-detached and detached homes. Costs will often be higher with this type of extension.                    

Wrap around house extensions

This style of extension wraps around the house in an ‘L’ shape and will increase the space on your ground floor.

Over structure extensions


This style of extension is built over an existing structure such as a garage. Construction work may be complicated by the integrity of the structure underneath.



Single storeys

Single storey extensions can be added atop existing rooms or round the back of the property, on the ground. In certain circumstances, planning permission may not be needed.




These are small extensions that are built to the side or back and often do not require planning permission because of their relatively small size.                          



Property development  in London





 If you are thinking about developing your property in London with a renovation, home extension or loft conversions, then please get in touch to arrange a free consultation.


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